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why did i do this page?

hello, fellow south park fans. I have created this
page of links devoted to the south park phenom
brought about by comedy central(tm).
this page will have links, images and information
of south park's history, hopes and future.

I feel like i should keep up this page acause
of a fellow irc'er who came back from the
circus many months ago. He was asked by myself
if he heard of south park. He turned up a blank.
further questioning revealed he thought i was joking.
I further went on and told him about south park's
characters and sites, and finally he got it.
Since i worry that circus performers have so
little knowledge of the outside world due to the
fact their bosses deny them cable access while on
the road, this page is devoted to all of them, yeh,
even the clowns.

Recently, i've noticed something disturbing, that
tci has yet to get comedy central as part of its cable
lineup down here .If you don't get
south park in the rio
grande valley on cable, and do not have a
sattelite dish wherever you may live,
you're missing out on one of the
funniest cable channels ever to have come out
in many years. tell tci get us comedy central, NOW!
these pages are devoted to the characters of
south park. It is intended to inform newbies
as well as others find out about south park.
Thanks to comedy central for its positive
stand towards south park pages and the
#southpark channel for spreading the word
about the one show that outdid beavis and
butthead.. in more ways than one.

For those who want to contact me via postal mail
instead of by electronic means, send your postcards
Charles Duncan, 74 Sunburst,
Brownsville, Texas 78520

cartman & alien
kyle riverdance

wendy and a jumprope

kenny MCCormick

don't kick the baby

stan and big stan

the parents of southpark

the kids of southpark

back to cartman road


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