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Welcome to the realm of Long-neck, Ircer of Undernet and Dalnet. He hails from brownsville, texas, a distant land flowing with traffic and blue skies all day long. His dreams are to travel across the country and take pictures of all he surveys.
I am mostly a big fan of wrestling, since the wcw nucked hock holeywood ogan at suporbrawl and made it clear the own was no longer welcome. I have been watching it all my life and hope to someday see wcw live, having watched lucha libre in brownsville during the early 90's was a good deal. My secondary pursuits are video games, chupacabras, anime, and electric poles.
What did you do HERE today though?
Longneck smiles... Been spending most of the year recovering from a planning of a trip to san antonio, and meeting new friends on Undernet's #houston, #texas and #wrestling. Mostly quiet these days, and still think much about my first trip to houston in decades- and the one to galveston and pasadean yet to come.
Where do we find you?
On Undernet via #houston, #texas, #anime, #wrestling and #southpark . I will be there usually at night chatting with people from the rio grande, kingsville, corpus, sa, and once in a blue moon, laredo. I hope to see you there.

God bless Al Snow and victoria texas's favorite son,
stone cold steve austin. ):]

These are the various homepages i have created on the internet because it is a passion of mine. I will try to entertain and humor you throughout the cold winter months to come. So sit back, stay a while, and watch the skies with me.

the parallel realms longneck has created:
the realm of Halifax
the original realm where my homepages resided for nearly a year.
the electric pole shrine
made by the freshest pals on earth- armadillos.
the realm of Lorngus
The Electric pole shrine - pictures of electric poles and such
the realm of Arden
A page with home-drawn pictures, links of friends on #ranma! and more.....
the realm of Wilson
NEW! A page on Electric Poles and the Casa De Chupacabra's present mirror in Brazil.
the realm of Speedster
the Future home of personal pages devoted to my travels in south Texas over the past year, and the people i've met. Moved to a more accessible and hopefully more durable location.
Casa De Chupacabra, main u.s. mirror
a page devoted to the chupacabra and the pages he resides on.
Casa De Chupacabra, south american mirror
a page devoted to the chupacabra and the pages he resides on.
Casa De Chupacabra, main u.s. mirror
El paginos de Chupacabras Y el urls en fanaticos en phenomena des Chupacabras bien. (en espanol- Nuevo!)
the Incorporateds Fan fiction page
a handful of stories i've written over the years ..... i get it a lot, too
halifax's free stuff page

charles duncan
74 sunburst
brownsville, TX 78521
United States

Where i can be reached at chatwise:
if you frequent irc, come by
and chat with me on
the channel #texas. i usually go as Long_neck, and chat
with the locals all over texas (met people from
corpus christi and kingsville the very first day...
sure enough! . I also go to #wrestling, #austin, #houston
and other channels, even #dfwmetro as well, so drop on in.....

Always let me know how the chupacabras are doing!

charles duncan

Me as of march 3, 1998