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the chupacabras can now fly in peace.

Listen to the suggested final words of your average chupacabra victim ^_~

This page is sponsored

by All the Chupacabras and their fans Worldwide.

Chupacabras are goat sucking, nocturnal alien
panthers who've been stranded years ago on earth.
They can fly, evade much human detection
And have intrigued the paranormal community
and Hispanic America for years. Origionally
discovered in puerto rico, and since mostly seen
in Miami, Mexico, and the Southwest U.S.,
Chupacabras are rapidly replacing yetis and
the loch ness monster as the most popular
legendary monsters on planet earth...
Maybe Beyond. From their first appearances in puerto rico,
the chupas have spread like wildfire
both netwise and worldwide. Their targets are
livestock, but most notoriously they have
gone after the blood of goats (hence the
english translation of their name 'goat-sucker')
The main chupacabras hideouts are unknown
at this time but it's most assumed that
they burrow underground, are quite nocturnal and yes,
seem to leave different impressions on
those who witness them. Usually they are depicted
as everything from winged raptors, to fanged birds
and bats on both electronic, fabric and mental media.

Proof of their existence is growing more and more
relevant these days as movies and news reports tell of
what the chupacabra is. In san Antone, it was captured
on the news. In Zapata, it is celebrated with an annual
festival. On t-shirts it is cariactured as many things
both dramatic and humorous. It is everywhere from web
pages, to children's books, and in myth and legend.
And in the internet, the chupacabras are
revered in song and in drawings all over the world.

This page is for the revelation of chupacabras and
the net links that honor these new supernatural
characters most unusual and rare in earth
and on the web, and maybe the truth about them
will hopefully be revealed to you as well.

And now, for Some things chupacabra....
A new suggested sound
of chupacabras attacking
a unsuspecting goat.
the older one
of the chupacabras attacking
HREF="http://www.artbell.com/audio/chupa.wav">Hear Clyde Lewis and Charlene Spencer's rendition of
the macarena - from ground zero productions
and mike siegel's site.
His unofficial page is located at:
This underlined URL is Clyde Lewis's
unofficial home page. Enjoy!

For those with a midi card,
Hear the sweet music
of the Chupacabra's distant galaxy.
Goat Posters
A new image of
an apparent chupacabra roadkill,
by arshawsky@earthlink.net. Thanks!
For diehard chupacabras,
Download a goat poster TO WHET YOUR APPETITE ^_~
See what a chupa might see
and think through those red, red eyes...
Read the minds of goats
doomed for a future existence as good,
tasty cabrito.. by chupacabras OR humans.
a goat
poster for your goat viewing pleasure.
Straight from Edinburgh, texas to your place.
a goat
poster for your goat viewing pleasure.
NEW! a brand new goat
poster for your goat viewing pleasure.

NEW! view what we think of this
rather bad u.s. election.. the mexican
one went a lot better than this one,
i'll tell you this much!
animated from austin, texas.

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View some of my
personal history and this page's in its founding months.
See some of
the emails i've recieved
during this page's early days.
For those who have new Chupacabra
Links, info, sightings, (ETC)
why not Email or Snailmail me!
As Always my email contact is as follows:

 charles duncan / long_neck

And As always, I still exist in brownsville,
ready to take all postcards and emails
from anyone interested in the chupacabra phenom.

For those who want to contact me via postal mail
instead of by electronic means,
send postcards of your city to:

Charles Duncan, 99 stephens,
Camilla, Ga ?????

And while you're here,
Check out these other noteworthy pages....

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not baaaaad, very good!

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    What follows are pages related to
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    Come and visit my other notable home pages

    The Incorporateds fiction page
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    living in the 1970's who fight the misguided of the Sangurian empire across
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    My favorite Channels of Undernet: come and drop on by!
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    These Usenet Newsgroups are or have been
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    rec.humor - alt.fan.art-bell - alt.horror
    alt.horror.creative - alt.alien.visitors
    alt.paranormal - alt.paranet.ufo -

    Post here if you got chupacabra information...
    Special notice from the gafhana:
    (CLick below to see the larger, rotating image)
    - baaayond belief -
    This picture courtesy of gafanha@netwave.com.br
    Click here to go to his page.

    Information on dallas,
    texas, one of the few cities i've
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  •  believe it now. chupacabras are always cool.

  • Many Chupacabra Nesting Sites are Below, come flock to them... ^_^

    Founded on july 18th, 1996
    moved HERE! on July 18th, 1997
    Our THIRD!! Year began July 18th,1999!
    Our FOURTH!!! Year began July 18th, 2000!
    Year FIVE!!!! Started July 18th, 2001!
    Year 18! just was amazed how long this page has been going on...
    Started July 18th, 2002!For those who ever wondered what was on the chupacabra
    page when it first started, here is the very 1st chupacabra
    drawing i ever seriously did. thanks for

    the newest chupacabra pages
    The Newest Pages about chupacabras reside here.
    (new link) below: Chupacaba videos
    A new video explaining the chupacabra phenomenon.
    information on a wine drink named after the
    chupacabra - funniest pic yet of one.
    A new chupacabra page with images and links.
    Also has a couple of images of goats.
    Information on the chupacabra society
    with lots of humorous .. humor . :)

    ---Marie Lee =marie.lee@yale.edu= wrote:

    there is a new book, NIGHT OF THE
    CHUPACABRAS, a kids' book that is
    coming out this Halloween. Might
    you include this info on you page?

    coming out with a major publisher,
    Avon Books. A reply would be
    appreciated. Keep up the good work!

    For a image/info about this new
    book (sounds entertaining)
    try this link at:
    A brand new chupacabra page
    with images and links and new pictures. Also has a good
    sense of humor and unusual content. Check this one
    today as it is perhaps the first new page of 1998,
    with both new and classic info and links combined.
    thanks to gouken of #rgvc for these newest sites.
    Info on all aspects of the
    paranormal worldwide.
    Information on the new chupacabra
    attacks in Puerto rico , as well as the
    upcoming movie on chupacabras.
    A new shockwave song about the
    chupacabra. Worth a listen as it rocks and also
    has some humor too.
    varied reports on the chupacabras, bigfoot and other strange creatures
    from rainbow,texas..
  • the freaky friday chupacabra page,
    a new chupacabra links page.
  • a page on chupacabras with more
    up-to date info on the good ol' alien panthers. ^_^
    Note that they now also go under
    the name of Mapinguari.
  • Information on the capture of a chupacabra
    in San Antonio, Texas from sightings.com.
  • A new chupacabra page which has new articles and info on
    the chupacabra festivals in
    zapata, texas.
  • this page explains in greater detail what the chupa is , where it is,
    where it comes from and also includes
    additional info on the ogopogo..
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  • Zach Johnson's 2nd chupacabra
    page at tripod (the 1st is on
  • For those who need alien t-shirts with juvenile humor,
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  • View different t-shirt images that the chupacabra has graced
    his prescence upon.
  • Information on different aliens, including the chupas and the e.b.e.s..
    at the LUXOR/UFO site...
  • newly discovered article about the chupacabra phenom... is the truth a
    coverup? read on...
  • A more up to date report on the chupacabra from strange magazine.
  • Info on the chupa from the skeptic's dictionary.
  • An article from Lyn Votava about chupa sitings and popularity
    around the el paso area.
  • Info from San Jose Mercury online on the chupacabra's appearances
    near the SF bay region.
  • An animated image of the chupa And political cartoons relating to hispanic life.

    thanks to confuseous@aol.com
    Special thanks to Confuseous@aol.com for this
    Chupacabra picture.

    fill in the blanks.... Another link for the chupacabra worth looking at.

    Chupacabra Home Page
    One of the primary links for chupacabra info.
    As always, Thanks for listing my page....

    Tshirts for Chupacabra fans
    Look here for tshirts and more goods.

    This is the spawning Ground's Chupacabra page.... Our strangest link.
    An adult Interview/parody of Chupacabra...
    Not for all ages but sure funny...
    Chupacabra Homie This is one of the better done home pages.
    Another link to an article about the Chupacabra, in Spanish.
    An Article from the Tucson Weekly with
    some cool depictions of the Chupacabra.
    A seller of Chupacabra Tracks.
    A commentary on the Chupacabra
    from Irregular johnathan.
    A great chupacabra article from turner-sama's
    website with drawings, victims and survivors. Re: the Chupacabra thanks for listing my page... I like the ape planet pic too @_@
    (added prior to 5/13/97)

    A new links page from the
    Phoenix gate.

    A new chupacabra page offering an available
    video on a recent journey to puerto rico they took.
    A chupacabra recipie
    for making corn chupacabra-dogs.

    El }-{ |= | |_ E S(The Chupatruth is STILL, STILL Not in there...) ~_~
    (yes there was a www.chupacabra.com but it
    pointed to www.princeton.edu/~accion/chupa.htm)
    Our old guestbook is at
    Our guestbook archive has moved.
    A mirror site of that should be up soon.
    Now with all the old entries from our
    previous guestbook restored...

    One last AND timeless chupacabra resource...
    Come and Visit Art Bell's Page, while you're here!
    Almost here....

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