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Featuring the fiction of Charles Duncan, anime otaku and

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for many centuries, the sangurian empire has dominated the milky way, its soldiers consigned by powerful magic to do wrong for their evil emperor, emperor kingston. Their desires are to cause panic and mayhem and to do evil until the day they can conquer the galaxy and make it theirs.
But one group, the incorporateds, stood up to their insanity and madness and was able of conquering their evil despite being greatly outnumbered at times. These pages chronicle their adventures in the early 70's and hopefully beyond then.
The Major Epics Horse Shadows
From the darkness of the afterlife Renegade, one of the incorporateds' and soon to be SCE'S most hated enemies, comes back to destroy the one who did not save him... and the one who consigned him to the afterlife. Can the incorporateds deal with the power of shapeshifting and darkness that Renegade now possesses.. even as Wilson reconciles his past with the daughter he adopted from a criminal warlord he knew a century ago?
The Long Neck
Longneck, insane and estranged father of Halifax, tries to blow away his only son still believing Renegade is pretending to be Halifax even as he also pursues two professional morons as his last bounty. Can halifax bring his father back to his senses... Even as Longneck is horribly warped by the power of the same toxins that gave Speedster and Casey their unique talents?
Horse Stampede
the prequel to Horse Shadows, Halifax comes to the planet summerien where his one true love was mentally wrought by his disappearance. During his visit, Renegade takes vengeance by subverting the sentinent souls of the population and allowing their animal spirits to take over, causing grave destruction and chaos worldwide. Can Halifax , his girlfriend and her shrink, a pair of twin cops and a surprise ally possibly relinquish control of the soul of summerien from Renegade.. even as the SCE's prepare to take advantage of the disaster and a silver-tounged warlord sneaking among the group prepares to end the friendship Renegade and the corny villian Cornball still have?
the Dusk Hunters
Two SCE's formerly stationed in 'britenn' on earth continue exploiting animals for their pelts and end up getting the attention of Ann and Speedster, both on vacation. Can this unusual twosome stop this travesty... and discover the truth behind the 'animals' they are both vowing to save?
surreal estate
A real estate agent has a real
scam .. and a true love..
on her hands.
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The tales
Asthma Farm The incorporateds travel to Jasaya, a planet where dust blows daily but crops still grow fresh, and end up crashing there after an SCE attack nails them. Can the incorporateds, when they discove a farmer is being railroaded off her property by an opportunistic sister, save the farm.. especially when she has the SCE'S help in the form of a giant crow mecha and a corny villian?
The First Episode their very first adventure the incorporateds take on the task of recovering a female ambassador from the clutches of a villainous warlord who's determined to undermine the freedom of others for the prosperity of the sce.
Halifax Returns A catican lionman, whos powers include the ability to gate elsewhere in the universe, awakes from a space warp to emerge in a world where his reputation is marred and his friend Wilson's faith in him is shattered. And it is up to Speedster to help restore Halifax's good name.
-finally- updated 6:307PM 6/6/99
Hot Green Ninjas for her part in rallying against the poisons sold by a deluded ninja sensi named carp, Ann is captured and turned against the Incorporateds, given the delusion of being a ninja along with the skills of a ninja long gone. Can the Incorporateds not only save Ann... but should they dare use the skills she retained to avenge Ann's most tragic dishonor?
Media Rare The incorporateds are hot on the trail of Ryno Goff, the warlord who almost crushed the freedom of Ann the ambassador. Will a misguided attempt to protect ryno by, of all things, the leader of the alleged 'good army, aka the Catican Frontier, feh' suceed? Especially despite the fact one of the Incorporateds, as a puppy, wasn't so nicely treated by the commander? find out...
The Rusty Land The incorporateds face a warlord who leads people to do his bidding against a small town on a very distant planet, and not only buy a new skyvan to carry themselves around but find a new surprise ally in the bargain.
Small of You Speedster , while contemplating vacation, is accosted by a small pug who has an obsession with shrinking things, and the knowhow to do so. With the help of Ann they travel to the pug's lair to defeat the pug, but have little idea that they not only face the pug's strongest weapon in the form of his virus-coated whacking stick, but his inventive ability in the form of the universe's first working shrink ray...
Peace Train During a trip in which Ann brokers the peace between two warring factions whos war keeps the SCE safe from deep retaliation, a hacker's ghost with the body of a CPU virus infiltrates the train and sends assassins to kill the delegates. Can Speedster and Wilson, acting as security for the train trip, keep the delegates alive even when the virus-ghost possesses Wilson's own cyborg arm?

The fall of summerien

A in-progress . sometimes tragic tale of
newfound life and reborn love as the Incorporateds
try to escape the now technologically-impaired world
of summerien, where a virus has rendered all
technology unworking, and the chupacabras
have landed to cause chaos all over and to make
the world theirs alone. Will Halifax find out the
secret of his true love Sierra? Will Renegade finally
meet his match? And who is the mysterious New Jersey
Angel out to help all save the chupacabras as intent
on helping save the bad guys from the forces of the
E.B.E? FInd out these and more in this
work in progress at the following location:

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