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Welcome to our new location at tripod!

Info on the craze known as tamagotchis ^_^
A buyers/sellers and info page
on the tamagotchi virtual pets..
A tamagotchi page
from australia .

Jeff Greeson's Realm of Mortal Kombat, one of the best information sources for news about
the Mortal Kombat video game universe.

Free/shareware search service
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    What follows are pages related to
    places i have lived or live in and
    have been visiting.
    These are Corpus Christi links from farenthold publishing, not really up to date.
    And these links are less up to date.
    These pages relate to the city that founded the 'heaven-o' movement.
    Some info on the town i live in
    A city page on McAllen, one of my favorite day trip places.
    Info on Harligen's pride and joy: the RGV whitewings of Harlingen, Texas.
    Information on Harlingen ,Texas, a city i went to college to years ago.
    One of very few pages on falfurrias, texas, one of the unsung heroes
    of legendary texas cities.

    Hopefully by year's end i will post a heaven-o page,
    an anime links page,
    and a Corpus christi images page on the web somewhere....

    Come and visit my other noteworthy home pages

    The Incorporateds fiction page :stories written by myself about anthorpormorphs living in the 1970's who fight the misguided minions of the Sangurian empire across the milky way. Hope you come and see it!

    The home page linking all known pages i currently have
    A chupacabra links and information page.
    P.S. these are my favorite IRC channels:
    #ranma! - #ufo - #babylon5 - #rgvc - #houston
    #sat (san antonio) #html - #mk4 - #ufo - #houston
    go to my main home page....

    on the efnet servers,,,,, and
    other fine Efnet irc servers.

    thank you #ranma! for caring when i felt blue.... you are all in my debt.And absolutely finally,
    Here is a list of some free/pay telnet sites i've found on the internet as of 8/6/97
    telnet:// 23 (free), telnet
    telnet:// 23 (free), telnet at midnight
    telnet:// 23 (free) telnet
    telnet:// 23 (limited demo)
    telnet:// 23 (limited free demo access)
    telnet:// 23 (pay, limited free demo access)
    telnet:// 23 (free, home pages..hmmm)
    telnet:// 23 (free, varied bbs nets) telnet:// 23 (internet for pay, wwivnet)

    k e e p w a t c h i n g t h e s k i e s

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