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Casa de Chupacabra's Mail Hacienda

revision 6 ( l o n g o v e r d u e )

Here are some emails from people who have visited my prior site...
From: "Paul F. Monaco"
Subject: Great site!

Not sure if I dropped you a note of thanks yet, but here's another one if I

I've been consistantly getting 15-20 hits a week from your link. . . May
not sound like alot on the surface, but it's more then Welbcrawler, Lycos
or Altavista throws my way. Actually, not counting folks who "hot-listed"
me, only two other links generate more traffic then you:

360+ hits a week from: HTTP://
60+ hits a week from

And if your wondering... Here's the links that you are beating out, these
are in the 1-15 hits per week catagory:


Thanks again, I'll add a link to your page next time I update mine.

Paul Monaco (Home) (Work) (Laptop/Mobile)


We've just completed our new 'ADVENTURES BEYOND' documentary,
'CHUPACABRA', it contains some brand new evidence never before seen.
Our page will include links showing photos
of various different scenes from our recent investigation. We have kept our
investigation/documentary a low keyed secret until it was ready for release.

We are in the process of developing our 'ADVENTURES BEYOND' web site, since you
share an equal interest as ours, we would be happy to include your link if you would
like to include ours. We are about 10 days from completion of the site. We are also
considering various niche market distribution for our documentary should you like to
discuss this with us. If you would like to include
our link on your page you can email
us at the following:

Ken Williams

(picture held off net of 'male partygoer wearing shorts onlY)
+' palm fronds for (back dreadlocks) and mask' @ P.O. Box 4062,
Key West, FL 33041 until Email and actual NAME address
can be verified'
To: Charles Duncan, 74 sunburst, brownsville, texas 78521
from : Unknown shorts wearin' party goer, p.o. Box 4062, Key West, FL, 33041
The reclusive and rare Chupacabra was spotted on the street
during Key West's famous Fantasy Fest!! This
year's theme: Call of the wild!
(Note: it drinks ******)
(special edition note @_@ i still wonder what happened to him!?!?)
Charles: Let me answer this letter on the net personally. and yes, a mail reply
is coming your way. most people who do this usually don't
bother to respond via snailmail, but this is noteworthy as
its fandom is growing to the extreme. ^_^ Although many
costumed people go in trek and anime conventions
and maybe parties, this is the first time i've ever heard of
someone going to a party as a chupacabra (though he
was wearing shorts, a mask, and palm fronds as body-dreadlocks.)
Please reply via isp and internet email if you wanted a pic of yourself
posted on the net, and include your real name. Also a letter response
be headed your way, but let's converse via internet on chupacabra
and life from now on as it'd save on postage. I hope honestly you
find your true love one day, though, and if you see an actual
chupacabra, not a human in chupacabra guise, please email
the photo to thanks!

From: Joe Martinez @UTB1.UTB.EDU
Subject: hey man
Reply-to: 953231@UTB1.UTB.EDU
Organization: utb

Hey Charles,
this is Joe aka: Nights... I saw your page and it's pretty cool. Say
have you seen Chap's homepage? It is also pretty cool. He's got a bunch
of animated gif's, sounds, mpg's, mp2's, etc etc.. Chap is a very good
friend of mine, he is the reson I have all of the ranma 1/2 tv series
from the 1st and 2nd seasons and all the OAV's, and the 2 movies. Also
I have gotten over 150 hours of Anime from him. :) Well, anyway, you
probably have seen his page, but just in case you haven't here it is:
He's also got some pretty cool links to MANY
MANY other ranma and anime related sites. Well, I'll see you around in
#ranma!.. it's strange, I haven't talked to chap on IRC for like 3
months! We've kept minimal contact through e-mail and phone.. he's been
kinda busy, and well, he's usually on at times I can't make it.. well,
I'll see you around. If you see chap, please tell him Joe (Fisher) said,
"Hi" :),

Joe Nights ^_^

From: Douglas Thomas
Subject: chupacabra y trauco
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

First, nice chupacabra site!
You may interested to know of another, remarkably similar,
entity known as Trauco--a quasi-extraterrestial demonic being said to
inhabit the island of Chiloe off the coast of Chile. "El Llanquihue,"
the prinicipal newspaper of the lake region of Chile ran an
investigative series on said Trauco and asserted, primarily via hunderds
of testimonies that Trauco was an ET banished by his colleagues on
Chiloe several millenia ago.
Trauco is credited with many of the same acts of livestock
slaughter as the chupacabra, as well as acting as an incubus--defiling
the honor of the local chilote lasses. I have spent several weeks on
the Chiloe over the past three years and, on my final voyage, after
several copas of aguardiente, I'll be damned if I didn't see the guy.
Let me know what, if anything you know the the connection.
Doug Thomas
Charles: I personally hope this Trauco gets himself beat up for being such a
sexist slease. Women should be treated with respect and this alien
clearly don't treat women very well. Stupid, Stupid Monster!

From: Malcolm Laura Tillotson /
Subject: chupacabra
How are you doing?I think I have pictures of a dead goat sucker & the
remains.I'm going to try to get my web sight up this weekend.I also forgot
to mention that it appears that another goatsucker is roaming the woods.We
are setting up to go hunt it,more on that later.I to have A.D.D. to that I
didn't know about till my 31st year on this planet.Please respond.
Charles: I shall. I'd be interested in chupacabra pics myself.... And it's good
to hear from another ADD victim. I never really knew myself how hard it is to
live with this condition... until now. Good luck with your page, and I'll be
more than happy to list the site here.
Subject: New Paranormal {CHUPACABRA} page / Link exchange
I am the Producer of GLOBAL MEDIA PRODUCTINOS in Los Angeles, and I have
been investigation all kinds of Paranormal/Supernatural activities for
years. We have just returned from Puerto Rico investigating the CHUPACABRA
and have completed the first documentary on the subject. I intend on doing a
series of Paranormal documentaries which are titled 'ADVENTURES BEYOND'. I
am looking for the most active and 'strong' cases there are. Since we share
equal interests, we would be happy to list your page as an additional link
on our page if you would like to list ours on your page. If so let me know
as soon as possible, we are working on trying to get our web page up mid
week. Our address will be:
Charles: I sure will be glad to add a link to your server. thanks!
From: Courtney Higginbotham
Subject: have u heard

have you seen the remains that was discovered in mexico and
brought to arizona(im not sure
Charles: Not yet..... where are the photos of the remains
From: To:
Thank you for an extensive CHUPACABRA page. I am Flattered to be linked
on your page. My Name is Clyde Lewis the host of GROUND ZERO.
Art heard it because some one sent it to him. he called me to ask for
permission to play it. Ask Him. A Very beautiful Blonde Named Charlene
Spencer did the vocals and I sang the background. The arrangement was
made by Robert Lund. We ask people that if they use the song to credit
us in some way. Just so you know... I think your page is Killer! Keep
it up...and please go to and click on the HOT TALK site. There
will be an Unofficial HOT TALK site Click to it and Notify Richard that
your CHUPACABRA site needs to be linked to the unofficial site. It is a
fans site for my show. I was on Audio net but lost my carrier... Hope
to be heard on Sattellite feed and real Audio.

Hay Un Creatura Qe Se llama ChupaCabra
es Mui Fea como T.V.'s Barbara Wa Wa ...
Queremos Cantar algunas Mal Palbaras ... Hey Chupacabra...

It's a sensation..about a creature that is just Halucination!

Drink some the Lambada, or do the Chupacabra....
in Mexico City, Puerto Nicaragua... they do the Chupacabra...

Clyde Lewis
Wow... thanks for the compliment. It's wonderful
to meet one of the many furthering the legend
of the chupacabra. I hope to come visit your page
soon, and If you ever see any chupacabras...
please let me know. Cool Song, Clyde!
From Bryan Lord (

Subject: chupa cabra

Hey, I'm compiling a mailing list of people intersted in the chupacabra.
I'm also collecting information to send to the people in the mailing
Please send me EVERYTHING you know about the little beasties.
newspaper articles,

I'll add you to the list and when I have a whole lot I'll send it out.

Pease help, the truth about this must be know, and I want to help find


Yeah I know the last is yours, but now I have it. I'll spread it around.
This will definently be published; a chupacabra mailing list would be most
welcome. thanks, ill see what i can dig up... if you want, check out all the
links on my homepage...
Bruce Johnston sent us this link, thanks..
Here's another mail from

Hey we have linked you on the fansite for ground zero. the way to access
it is to go to and click on the area that says unofficial
website. these are fans of my old show on KCNR am. Ground Zero was heard
on the web and will be available soon via sttelite and the web. We are
also available for talk, by the IRC line #kcnr is the chat site. come
hang out sometime. This unofficial site is approved by me and I urge my
fans on the air to check out your site. It was then that Richard linked
the site. Thank you for the credit. Charlene was very happy! check
her out on she is a BABE. I am at her place right now. it
would be hilarious if someone made a shrine to her!
Charles: Yeah, I shall hopefully soon visit the channel. In the meantime,
since in your second letter you and charlene are anime fans
and your state was proclaimed 1st to see ghost in the shell
please come by and visit our channel #ranma! on Efnet and
also the server I'd be most happy if you
came by and visited... ^_^
From: (Jason Hatcher)
Subject: Chupacabra Toys
Hello Friend,
I am desparatley searching for a stuffed animal or some kind of
action figure or toy of the Chupacabra. Can you assist me in anyway?
Charles: I have yet to find any places at our local flea markets and
2nd hand stores in Brownsville and the rio grande valley. If i find some,
Ill try to let you know about them... Anyone know of any companies
making Chupacabra toys please let me and him know...
From: (Anton Chico Schools)
Jan. 2 -- Thanks so much for your great links to Chupa Cabra
information. I have two students doing a research report on its
(reported) existence for a Science project. Esp. appreciate links to
news sources (like the Tucson Weekly article). News sources are very
difficult for younger to students to access. If any new really
interesting info comes along and it isn't too much trouble, can you
e-mail these students, D. Olguin and F. Martinez, at the above address?
Thank you so much.


B. Smith
Anton Chico School
Sure, no problem. Guess this proves this page does have a
educational merit to those seeking out info on chupacabras...
hope you do wel on your report..... Should I
consider doing one on other aliens?
now don't be shy on emailing me on the chupacabra... I will
publish email if they are on the chupacabra!
nEw Mail replied at March 28
I find interesting that on your home page you mention that the
Chupacabra was mostly seen in South West US, Mexico and Miami but failed
to mentioned where the whole thing started ... in PUERTO RICO.
For your information we have had a tradition of weird stories like that,
that always surface around Halloween every few years. I remember
instances when I was growing up in Cabo Rojo, PR (SW Puerto Rico) when
the sightings of La Bruja of La Parguera (the witch from La Parguera -
where world famous phosphorescent bay was). More recently, around 10
years ago was El Vampiro de Moca (the vampire from Moca). Three years
ago or so in the sleepy town of Rio Grande was the Chupacabras. In 5-7
years we will have some other phenomenon roaming the small towns of the
island. Or the return of the alien visitors to El Yunque rainforest that
even the Taino indians (Pre Columbus) revered as the creator God or
Yuquiyu), the one who was ins constant battle with evil god Juracan
(form where the word hurricane comes from).

I Ramirez, El Bandido de Cabo Rojo (the bandit from Cabo Rojo)
Charles Duncan- Your information has been most enlightening,
thanks. From what i have read on the net, it had started in
puerto rico, but there also seems to have been some early 1970's
visits by the chupacabra in the rio grande valley as well.
Personally, i still don't know whether the coqui exists
but if anyone can give me info on this froglike critter
it'd be most welcome.
Most of the new chupashirts seem to be depicting the
president of mexico as a chupacabra these days...

Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 18:55:48 -0800 (PST)
From: " Renee Lara"
Subject: Casa De Chupacabra
I had been meaning to write for quite some time now. I added a link to Casa De
Chupacabra in my own page. I am also using a picture in order to illustrate
an essay I wrote about the Chupacabra some time ago. You can find that page at

If you do not want for me to use the picture or link your page, then please
tell me. I will take them out ASAP.


Charles: Rlp.... please feel free to use the pics, use my link, please. thanks.
just make sure you know where they come from, thanks.
New Email as of October 3, 1998
from {}
Subject:Great Page
Me being a fan of the Chupacabra myself, I got a great kick out of your page.
It was (as it should be) entertaining and funny. I must admit,
though, that I got quite a scare from the the last words of a
Strangely enough it was the same sound I heard when I go out in
public. (Funny, funny!)
Keep up the good work and keep writing stories. Bye Now!

Sharon Harbison
Subject:Chupa songs!

I saw The Muffs a few days ago, and the two opening bands, The
Groovie Ghoulies and Chixdiggit both had songs about the
chupacabra! The singer from the Ghoulies also had a chupa
t-shirt. I figured you would want to know...
Date:Tue, 12 Aug 1997 11:55:35 -0500 (Najera, Joseph)
Subject: great page!
Hello (fellow IES user),

As you can see (or maybe not, as I'm e-mailing you from Netscape
Navigator and not the more popular Eudora), I am on the same server
as you.
My e-mail address is
I like the page and found the stories infinitely entertaining and
Any more short stories?
Is prose all you write or you into that poetry thing?
I have been known to write an occasional short story from time to time.
My current work is a 27 page story of a boy lying in a wheat field
trying to escape a world tainted by modern man and their struggle to
take control of it (a story that might sound like another thoughtless
tale of anarky and the toll it takes on upcoming, stimulated youths,
by no means is and should not be taken so).

My others stories include a 674 line poem called "It's a Sweet, Sweet
Rock" and a story "Intergalactic Space Mice Take The World Over
Cheese", that can be drawn from any countless sources.

Well, write back and keep me updated on any new stories or

Bye now,
hello Keith, (!?!?) My name is Rudy Balli II and I am the Co-Producer of a new film that just
finished principal shooting in the San Antonio, Texas area. It is a
docu-drama called "THE LEGEND OF THE CHUPACABRA". It contains several
testimonies from individuals including; Father Patrick Callaghan of the
Archdiocese of San Antonio, Vincent Giavelli an archaeologist with the
Natural History Commission of Texas, Valerie Williams the editor of :
Red Tape Magazine, Nathan Whitley founder of The Paranormal Society of :
America, Dr. :
Eddie Hernandez a professor of cryptozoology at the University of the Rio:
Grande Valley and Christine Villarreal the mayor of a small town in south:
Texas that has been beseiged by strange animal mutilations. They all give:
their account of what they think about the chupacabra after seeing actual:
footage of the creature caught on tape by students of the Univ. of the Rio:
Grande Valley's School of Cryptozoology. The film is due to be :
released to:
video stores by late 1997 or early 1998. It contains the most horrendous:
video footage of the chupacabra and its wrath of destruction. The film is:
directed by Joe Castro. The last film that we worked on together is:
"Ceremony". I wrote the screenplay for that one and Joe directed it as well.:
"Ceremony" went on to win the Bronze Award at the 1994 Worldfest:
International Film Festival (Fantasy/Sci-Fi Category). I will send you a copy:
of "THE LEGEND OF THE CHUPACABRA" when it is completed. In the meantime,:
spread the word about this new documentary. It is exactly what fans of: the: chupacabra are expecting and exactly what they deserve. Regards,:
Rudy Balli II:
Charles: nice, but my name is charles duncan. anyway, the word has been spread.

From:"oscar cerrato rodriguez"


Hola, soy un cibernauta de España, al que le interesaría recibir más información sobre el chupacabras.
Mi dirección es Un saludo

Hola longneck:

Gracias por tomar tú tiempo en darle lectura a estas lineas:

Saludos desde Morelia, Michoacán, México

Estoy triste por que cuando entre a "Bizcom" ya no encontre el Chat del
Chupa Cabras, pero por otra parte me dio gusto ver tú página.
Y parece que hiciste un esfuerzo en traducirla, pero vale la pena

Me despido, y en el futuro si llego a tener una página, creemelo, que la
tendre conectada con la tuya.

Javier Villegas
Morelia, Michoacáb, México
If you got any emails on the chupacabra, please write me at:

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