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Casa de Chupacabra's Historia de Casa revision 6
U p d a t e d 8/5/97 10:38:06AM
sometime between 12/11 and 12/12/1996
we had our 2,500th visitor. ^_^
Sometime on 2/1/97 we
had our 5,000th visitor... @_@
On 8/04/97 we had our 15,000th visitor.

4,745 visits since its inception This in a nutshell is my best attempt to keep
a history of this page's continuing updates.
(And maybe mine, too. )

July 1996

At this time i was on AOL.... that seems like a lifetime ago...
In this month i was considering changing to a new ISP.
Also i considered changing the content of the legendary
Ranma-chan links homepage to a chupacabra one,
and posted my own drawing of the chupacabra on it.
After seeing tshirts of this panther alien guy, i
decided to redevote my existence to following
the Chupacabra rather than ranma 1/2.

August 1996 First (and last) AOL sightings
First Ever Non-AOL appearance: 08-19-96
After getting signed up with a local ISP which
soon gained its independence from Worldnet
and became South texas internet, I deleted the
Ranma 1/2 page i had and made the Chupacabra
home page. Mostly the isp changed due to
service problems which were not settled
until recently at least due to its access to
Usenet. Also, the counter of visitors
was started at one. By the time I left AOL there were 200 visits on the chupacabra page.
September 1996 Rev 1.0
The chupacabras can now fly in peace.

Over 300 or so had been on this page when
I turned 28 and I began adding links to the
page. In time it moved Over to the IES
(south texas internet) server and was revised
with home-drawn graphics. My Incorporateds
page moved too.I also added a Faq which
hopefully explains some aspects of the
October 1996 Rev 2.0
About 400-500 visits had been recorded when
this month began and I journeyed to Corpus
Christi on a cart run. This was the time i
discovered i had ADD (attention deficit disorder)
and that video games are very addictive :P But
the most noticable change would be
adding some text of a wedding of IRC
people from, starting
me to think about restarting a new Ranma
or Dragonball links page.

November 1996 Rev 3.0

The page was now up to 900 or so hits when
I went to kinko's and made a Vacation page of
Corpus and had much of a rough time of my
real life, but my friendships on IRC
were growing strong. I splurged and added
some hand-scanned art for the page, and
added the most links ever resulting in its
most current look. I also figured out how to
do one of those long gifs and made it the
official background.
The 1,741st visit was on a Web tv demo
at Circuit city. ^_^
Most recently, now that 1,800 people have
viewed it (and I had to move in the DEN due
to unforseen circumstances (blew the circuit
Breaker in my bedroom :P)
I have colorized the scanned logo
, cloned a page with permission of some of
my irc chat group's doings at Anime Weekend
Atlanta for a friend of mine, and will
hopefully add more links to cool stuff as well.
Finally, Im printing your mail you send me
whether you from the internet or reality
(Snailmail) so go ahead and send those letters
and i WILL respond!
December 1996 . Rev 4.0 1,932 visitors

On THanksgiving Eve we had about 2,000 visits ^_^
What's gonna be changed or added? Well, first
and foremost, I hope to get more pics of
corpus Christi if i go. .
Second, the page will hopefully be
cloned on the Geocities servers
with a look similar to Casa de Chupacabra
3.0, while this page
got its own new look. Third, I have
restarted my old Ranma 1/2 and
linking it to the Chupacabra one.
This Ranma page (already up to 200+
visits about this time) also
has a #ranma! companion page with
Images of 25 of the most often goers
there. And it will have a couple of
snake links there too @_@
hopefully soon...
And fourth... I now keep a history
of this page's updates and mine too.. ^_^
On 12/18, 1996 - about the 2,722nd visitor....
we actually added some jump-images so you can
jump between the varied pages and areas of this
site. Special thanks to Cremator of #Ranma! for
helping me out with jump-links.

23rd Of December Revision 5.0 2,941 visitors
Recently, some helpful tips from the #ranma!
person known as cremator as well as
experimentation has led to the latest
revision. So far this month, while I
haven't done much traveling,
I have been rediscovering the joy of
christmas almost one year to the death
of my grandmother. Plus I've returned
the guestbook to the page, and added
more links. Although it still works best
under Netscape 1.1, and probably always
will, this is becoming quite a legendary page.
I have seen strange things this month:
My local ardade seemingly being run by REAL
people instead of nameless corporate identitys(?)
Me actually enjoying picking out a real tree for
christmas... and strangest of all... I actually have
inspired one to follow the paranormal through
the medium of the homepage.
I hope things keep looking up... ^_^

13th of January Revision 6.0 3,884 visitors
while things have not been so fortune as i
thought they would be, still i carry on in
life and in IRC..... discovering recently
that nothing is certain, not even the local
cable or what they show on said cable,
or some small twist of luck now and then.
But, my friends, Even in the cold
of winter and despite mailbombs and such
sometimes flooding my email, new opportunities
and friends such as those on the #db channel
and my new emails at netaddress
keep hope in my spirit alive for a better
time when the skies warm up and
things get better.
of course, the dallas team could have tried
not to qualify for bum steers this year too.^_^

13th of January Revision 7.0 visitors now up to 4,748
If anything i've learned in the past month, is that
sometimes things turn out for the better. But still,
sometimes... i wonder how precious life seems to be.
366 days ago, my grandma passed away and was buried
after suffering so long from emphysema. A month later,
my dad had to move in to the same house i was in, and
unknowingly he was in the final months of his life when
cancer was claiming him. I pray for both their spirits, and
perhaps the courage to carry on during these dark months
ahead. Most noteworthy event was my continued
boycott of local bbs's for their insensitive and
unlawful activities, and the creation of a
dragonball page.
Most recent revision: 8,300 + 03/31/97
I am currently revising my html space and
considering whether to redo or replace my
homepage. these past few months have been
most rough on me since i've missed the prescence
of my grandmother and my stepdad. Hopefully,
I will be able to keep up with the chupacabra
more now since I have recently gained inet
access at the library and also have
felt differently about the legality of
anime pages. If i should change them
to something else please email me at and I will
decide by month's end whether to put
anime pages up.
THE ongoing Revision: 15,000 + 08/05/97
SInce July 18th HERE: 129+ sightings
THe last few month I've been through heaven
at times, and heck the rest. I've been
finally getting to visit corpus christi
at times, and may soon visit san antonio.
But still, things do not always go as planned.
I wish I knew why..
Some good news is that I am going back to bbs's
again since I've finally figured out telnet.
And I've had my ups and downs there, but the
thrill of playing lord without paying so much
in LD makes me feel a little better.
nevertheless, the future as always is uncertain,
but as long as I live I shall try to exist despite
the odds and evens.
As on anime pages, I've decided the most legal anime
pages anyone can do is one you do yourself or one
that links to those of your friends only. With that
in mind... ^^
I am currently contemplating changing ISPS, wonder which
one would be the best for me...One does seem to offer
a opportunity to have 'chupacabra' in the domain name... hmm..
On Sept 24 i turn 29. Wonder what it would be like to be
a thirtysomething...@_@
thank goodness for fortunecities AND for tripod though.....
whatever i decide At least for a while I can roost here. ^_^
If you got any emails about this page or the chupacabra, please write me at:

Go Baaaaaaaaaaaaack! We got your chupacabra links right here.
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