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Please read the following statement about guestbook posts a friend
of mine named Lorngus makes on my behalf.
Please note the following rules are in effect for posting to the casa de chupacabra's guestbook ... and keeping those posts from DYING...
1. no tripod-unfriendly stuff/ pictures put in html, there was a uncle of a site maintainer's who probably died loving them but since the uncle had obviously had a mental breakdown as well and there are users here who do not wish to have a mental breakdown because it'd be embarrasing, all such pictures linked to in html or sites will be carefully examined and reviewed and if they're no good FLLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSHHHHHH!
2. No posting of html in the guestbook for the chaos it could cause browsers. this site is non-java and outside attempts to add java will be curtailed.
3. No HJDEIOJFIOPWEJFOPJEROPFJWOPfrjPFJ or other unidentifiable languages or codes may be posted. please keep all swearing in either english or spanish and use only the 7 words george carlin made famous if swearing. Otherwise these posts will be deleted. noone who puts something like FJDNCKDNKLCDNM KONMKSMDKSMDL as their name or their homepage will have posts that survive the test of time or my lightning gun. heh heh. THAT means YOU, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny!
4. no images of commercial games shall be posted in html either. thanks but me and halifax prefer to play CLASSIC video games like atari pac man and pooyan for the 2600 and NES Klax. your futuristic toys do not amuse us primitive savages.
5. In fact, don't put images in HTML on this page. The only images desired should be those of CHUPACABRAS. And those should be posted to Any unwanted images will be filed in the 'to-do' trashcan. huh huh huh huh.
6., and the other emails charles duncan possesses are not responsible for the content of what page spammers who imbed this guestbook with unwanted images, java/shockwave spam, rifgjriogjriopjeopfj-style flooding (i.e., losers, lamers, closed-mindeds, hentais, and '3l33t'ists) put forth as their response or 'comments'. it is solely the fault of those who post unwanted code or images in this guestbook. They should be sorry for insulting the tastes of the good, evil, and neutral setinents and animals alike who surf this page.
Revision: rule 7 on 10:44AM 3/11/98
7. The day HAS finally come in which MY homepages are on the net. they are at the electric pole shrine.
well, come on and check it out!
Also check out which ogden maintains.
New Rule #8 (added on 10:45AM 3/11/98)
The guestbook will no longer show new entries unless approved by yours truly at my convenience. If any of the entries are not approvable via the 6 previous laws they will be discarded. Please, like i said, keep it clean. you won't be warned a second time.
New rule #9 (added on 9:44AM 2/16/99)
This guestbook is not for discussion of reported fraudulence concerning the chupacabra phenomenon, nor is a place to advertise stuff unloved by tripod admin, or a place to paste images of flippy bird hand guestures. however if you want to post electric pole pictures in .gif format do so and plenty. LornGus
Former SCE #112116
Current leader of the Incorporateds as of 1982
P.S.Thanks for following these guidelines, im sorry i had to intervene on the behalf of these pages fans, you may now return to your internet browsing already in progress.
Updated 19:47AM 2/16/99
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